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ENR offers FIVE (5) portfolios to prospective investors with varying degrees of risk and return:

ENR Aggressive Growth Portfolio
This product maintains the highest exposure to equities and is therefore the riskiest and most volatile. The portfolio will generally derive the bulk of its long-term gains from common stocks.

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ENR Global Contrarian Portfolio
Merged from the ENR Best Ideas Portfolio, the ENR Global Contrarian Portfolio is our flagship investment portfolio available at select private banks in Europe and Interactive Brokers LLC:

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ENR Medium Risk Portfolio
This portfolio provides greater exposure to risk-based assets like equities and foreign currencies with an emphasis on producing a total return that approaches a balanced portfolio.

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ENR Low Risk Portfolio
This low volatility portfolio invests worldwide seeking conservative market-based returns in equities, bonds, currencies and real estate investment trusts. Stocks are never more than 40% of the portfolio.

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ENR Precious Metals Portfolio
In 2005, ENR launched the ENR Precious Metals Portfolio investing in physical gold, silver and global mining shares. The strategy seeks to provide capital growth from a diversified portfolio of precious metals bullion ETFs or physical gold and silver bullion, and gold and silver mining shares.

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The enclosed documents should be carefully reviewed by prospective investors. The following information is not an offer to purchase or sell any securities. It is a presentation only. REGISTERED AS AN INVESTMENT ADVISOR WITH THE UNITED STATES SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION.