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Private Banking and U.S. Brokerage Alliances

Since 1996, ENR Asset Management, Inc. has helped U.S. investors diversify their portfolios abroad for trustee and safe-keeping purposes. It’s our mantra that investors should maintain some tax compliant wealth overseas as a hedge against domestic economic uncertainty and unprecedented government and state deficits. Since the financial crisis in 2008, sovereign government debt levels have surged virtually everywhere, mostly above 100% of gross domestic product or GDP. Some nations harbor debt levels of 200% or more above GDP.

Maintaining a prudent allocation of wealth across borders has become paramount amid rising deficits, spendthrift governments and unorthodox central bank money-printing since 2009. A private banking relationship outside of your home domicile can protect your wealth and provide you with 'peace of mind' in today's highly uncertain world.

ENR Global Banking Alliance Relationships:

  • Bank Vontobel Zurich AG (Switzerland)
  • Wiener Privatbank (Austria)
  • Bank Winter AG (Austria)
  • Interactive Brokers LLC (USA)

In the United States, ENR also offers an institutional trading platform through one of the leading discount brokerages. Though we certainly advocate moving some assets abroad, U.S. investors nevertheless maintain one or several brokerage relationships domestically for their personal accounts and/or IRAs, 401ks. In this context, ENR provides one of the lowest-cost options for global asset management with minimal brokerage costs and no trustee fees.

Whether seeking a private banking relationship overseas or a low-cost discount brokerage in the United States, ENR can assist in helping to establish your financial goals.

Advisory Services
ENR offers prospective investors a choice of three (3) advisory services:

  • Advisory Standard: Clients receive our monthly ENR Market Outlook report, including recommendations, but do not receive any asset management services or special client reports. This service is regarded as a 'self-directed' account and is offered at Vontobel Bank Zurich AG (Switzerland), Wiener Privatbank Austria, Bank Winter AG in Vienna, and Interactive Brokers USA. Advisory Standard Annual Fee: 0.50%.
  • Advisory Extra:This service is for clients seeking investment advice. In addition to our monthly Market Outlook, clients also receive the ENR Advisory Extra report, which provides several specific investment recommendations, usually in our existing portfolios. This service includes condensed summaries for each recommendation. Clients also have access to investment advice on a regular basis and may schedule quarterly portfolio reviews. Advisory Extra Annual Fee: 1.00% to 0.75% depending on account size.
  • Managed Portfolios:ENR offers a wide range of growth-based investment portfolios. These are discretionary managed accounts and may be managed in Europe and in the United States. Portfolio minimums start at $100,000 in the United States and $200,000 in Europe. Annual Fees: 0.75% to 1.50% depending on account size and portfolio strategy.

Investment Approach

ENR Asset Management, Inc. specializes in constructing and managing global investment portfolios for international investors with private banking relationships in Europe and brokerage relationships in the United States. Portfolios are available in either U.S. dollars, Euro, British pounds and Swiss francs in Europe, and U.S. dollars in the United States. Portfolios are diversified across global industries, employing a value-based investment philosophy.

Our investment discipline largely embraces value or contrarian investing. The flagship strategy embracing this style is the ENR Global Contrarian Portfolio, previously called the ENR Best Ideas Portfolio. The strategy was renamed the ENR Global Contrarian Portfolio in April 2012. Other core strategies, including ENR Medium Risk and ENR Low Risk, also embrace value investing. These strategies seek to invest in undervalued global stocks, mostly large-cap companies with an emphasis on yield combined with event-driven change.

Large-cap companies are usually purchased at, or near, 52-week lows, following an earnings miss, management change or some other unforeseen event resulting in a sharply lower stock price. In addition to isolating undervalued companies with an emphasis on value and yield, the strategy also embraces an ‘event-driven’ approach to stock selection. This investment matrix looks for a bottom-up special situation first (company specific) followed by dividends and a catalyst for change. Change can be implemented vis-à-vis spinoffs whereby a company is under pressure to sell one or more divisions to focus on core margin profitability and shed its non-core assets. In most cases, these companies should pay a dividend of at least 3% and harbor strong brand-name recognition.

ENR cannot guarantee capital preservation in a growth-based portfolio amid a bear market, crash or global dislocation. However, we strive to protect portfolios under such circumstances by purchasing reverse-index ETFs, put options, gold and other alternative assets that might provide a negative correlation to common stocks in the event of a bear market. Above-average cash balances are also a major theme in our portfolios in bear markets.

Investment Strategies

In 1991, ENR began managing client assets for high-net-worth investors, family members and small institutions in the United States and Europe. In September 2005, ENR successfully registered as an Investment Advisor with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Under the new Dodd-Frank Financial Reform Bill, ENR successfully registered again in 2011 with the SEC as an Investment Advisor.

ENR offers a total of five managed-account investment strategies ranging from traditional large-cap value equities, balanced portfolios and precious metals and mining. We can also denominate most strategies in the U.S. dollar, Swiss francs, EUR or the British pound.

The following portfolios are offered to high net-worth investors and institutions at several European private banks and U.S. financial institutions, offered as individually-managed accounts:

  • ENR Global Contrarian Portfolio
  • ENR Low Risk Portfolio
  • ENR Medium Risk Portfolio
  • ENR Aggressive Growth Portfolio
  • ENR Precious Metals Portfolio

In addition to the above, ENR also offers a tax compliant insurance-sponsored variable annuity policy in Liechtenstein. The ENR Bullet Fund is available to qualified high net-worth U.S. investors starting at $100,000.

The enclosed documents should be carefully reviewed by prospective investors. The following information is not an offer to purchase or sell any securities. It is a presentation only. REGISTERED AS AN INVESTMENT ADVISOR WITH THE UNITED STATES SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION.