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Services Offered

Advisory Services
ENR offers prospective investors a choice of three (3) advisory services available at three European private banks and one U.S. discount brokerage:

  • Advisory Standard: Clients receive our monthly ENR Market Outlook report, including recommendations, but do not receive any asset management services or special client reports. This service is regarded as a 'self-directed' account and is offered at Wiener Privatbank Austria and Bank Winter AG in Vienna, and Vontobel Private Bank (Zurich). Minimum account: $300,000 non-IRA accounts and $200,000 for IRA accounts. Advisory Standard Annual Fee: 0.50%.

  • Advisory Extra: This service is for clients seeking investment advice. In addition to our monthly Market Outlook, clients also receive the ENR Advisory Extra report, which provides several specific investment recommendations usually in our existing portfolios. This service includes condensed summaries for each recommendation. Clients also have access to investment advice on a regular basis and may schedule quarterly portfolio reviews. Advisory Extra Annual Fee: 1.00% to 0.75% depending on account size. Minimum account: $200,000.

  • Managed Portfolios: ENR offers a wide range of growth-based investment portfolios. These are discretionary managed accounts and may be managed in Europe and in the United States. Portfolio minimums start at $100,000. Annual Fees: 0.75% to 1.50% depending on account size.

Investment Approach
ENR Asset Management, Inc. specializes in constructing and managing global investment portfolios for international investors with private banking relationships in Europe and brokerage relationships in the United States. Portfolios are available in either U.S. dollars, Euro and Swiss francs in Europe, and U.S. dollars in the United States. Portfolios are heavily diversified across several asset classes, employing a value-based investment philosophy.

Our investment discipline largely embraces value or contrarian investing. The flagship strategy embracing this style is the ENR Global Contrarian Portfolio, previously called the ENR Best Ideas Portfolio. The strategy was renamed the ENR Global Contrarian Portfolio in April 2012.

Investment Strategies
ENR offers a total of seven investment strategies ranging from traditional large-cap value equities to global asset allocation and precious metals.

The following portfolios are offered to high net-worth investors and institutions at several European private banks and U.S. financial institutions. Several strategies are also available as mutual funds and sold exclusively to qualified investors in Europe as part of a tax compliant insurance-sponsored variable annuity policy:

  • ENR Global Contrarian Portfolio
  • ENR Low Risk Portfolio
  • ENR Medium Risk Portfolio
  • ENR Aggressive Growth Portfolio
  • ENR All-Asset Portfolio
  • ENR Precious Metals Portfolio

In 1991, ENR began managing client assets for high-net-worth investors, family members and small institutions in the United States and Europe. In September 2005, ENR successfully registered as an Investment Advisor with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Under the new Dodd-Frank Financial Reform Bill, ENR successfully registered again in 2011 with the SEC as an Investment Advisor.